The era when your local pastor used to tell you not to store your treasures on earth where moths and rust can destroy them and meant it, seems to be way far past us.

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This is if the riches that some men of God especially the prosperity Gospel pastors possess is anything to go by.

These pastors undoubtedly live life to the fullest going by their lavish and opulent lifestyles.

Interestingly, a majority of these millionaire and billionaire pastors claim their roots in Central Kenya region where the inhabitants are known to very entrepreneurial.

Let's focus on some of these rich pastors from this region.

1. Pastor Pius Muiru

Muiru is a renowned radio and TV evangelist back from the days. He is the founder of the Maximum Miracle Centre ministry and is known for his popular slogan 'Kuna nuru gizani'.

Muiru lives large in a city suburb and also has a multi-million mansion at his village home in Kigumo, Murang'a. He is also the proprietor of Nuru TV channel.

2. Apostle James Ng'ang'a

Ng'ang'a is the founder of Neno Evangelism Centre and proprietor of gospel TV channel, Sasa TV.

He is known to live a fancy lifestyle. He owns expensive automobiles, evidence that he is a man of means.

3. Bishop Allan Kiuna

Kiuna alongside his wife, Reverend Cathy Kiuna, runs JCC ministries. Their flashy lifestyle is evident in their respective social media accounts.

4. Reverend Teresia Wairimu

The veteran reverend who apparently enjoys a close relationship with the first family, awed many recently when she invited President Uhuru Kenyatta to witness the opening of her ultra-modern sanctuary in Karen. The church is estimated to have cost Sh1 billion.

She is the founder of Faith Evangelistic Ministries.

5. Pastor Dr Victor Kanyari

The controversial pastor is mostly known for his fake miracles following an expose by KTN's investigative series 'Jicho Pevu'. 

Among his costly material possessions include a multi-million mansion along Kangundo Road.

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