Political analyst Brian Weke has lauded a section of politicians and members of the clergy that have called for a complete ban of political activities in churches.

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Speaking on Wednesday, Weke, however, noted that some of the churches are also to blame, accusing them of entertaining politicians in exchange for financial gains.

He said that some have been inviting politicians for Sunday services exchange of money, even on days when there are no fundraisers, in what he termed as 'selling airtime'.

"Hawa wanasiasa wanapokuja makanisani hawaongei bure, bila pesa huwezikubaliwa kuongea. Wanauziwa airtime na makanisa, hii ni biashara.

(They must bring something otherwise they will not be allowed to speak They buy airtime)," he said on Milele FM's Kivumbi Show, Wednesday morning.

He condemned politicians who have been using the pulpit to tear into each other, terming it a good move for some churches to completely ban them from churches.

He added that the same also affects other faithful who are now forced to spend extra time in church as the leaders speak one by one, which eats up their time.

"Ile siasa hupelekwa pale ni hardball, hata waumini watatoka wamechelewa maana lazima viongozi waongee wote (once there, they engage in hardball politicking, leading to a prolonged service)," he added.