Photos of Emmalin Karanja campaigning against gender-based violence have been trending on Facebook for the past three days. 

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The third-year student in the School of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management did a photo shoot where together with her friends, she tells a story of violence against women through pictures.

Emmalin Karanja using pictures to fight gender-based violence. [Source/Emmalin Karanja]

The photo shoot is part of her movement to advocate against gender-based violence. The creativity invested in the photos and the depth of emotions caught the attention of social media users who have since then, made the campaign viral.

“It’s such a bold step you've taken towards saving a dying nation, as a country, we losing our morals especially us as the youths, violence has become the order of the day Big up, press on,” One of the Facebook users commented on the viral photos.

Emmalin Karanja using pictures to fight gender-based violence. [Source/Emmalin Karanja]

This comes at a time when cases of violence against women are on the rise in the country with the latest victim being Ivy Wangechi who was a sixth-year medical student at Moi University.

“We need more women to stand up against gender-based violence like the way Emma has done. It is time women stood up for themselves because cases of violence against women are running out of hand and the government is not doing anything about it,” Caroline Wairimu a third-year student at Moi University stated.

Emmalin Karanja was not available to comment, but from the replies to her Facebook posts, she seemed to be humbled by the response to her campaign.