Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani Ichung'wa has launched a scathing attack on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna.

This is after Sifuna on Wednesday released a press release condemning Deputy President William Ruto following an exclusive interview on Citizen TV.

The SG termed Ruto as a "pathological liar with an almost deranged mentality" over claims that ODM party leader Raila Odinga approached him four times for a truce before his March 9, 2018 handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Responding to the remarks, Ichung'wa described the Raila-led party official as "mouth-running" and accused him of destroying the more than 15-year-old outfit.

The Kikuyu legislator mocked Sifuna for having failed to clinch the Nairobi senate seat in 2017 general election, saying he has "infected" ODM with failure.

"The ODM party's troubles, a mouth-running SG Edwin Sifuna who couldn’t win any seat has infected ODM with his losing habits systematically destroying the party," he tweeted on Thursday.

Ichung'wa said with the likes of Sifuna in leadership, ODM has become a tribal outfit which is actively pursuing an outdated political ideology.

"Strong political parties are good for our democracy, sorry this one is a tribal outfit still in personality cult politics," the second-time MP added.