Spending time outside your house with your partner is awesome. It is even sweeter when your partner holds your hand in public. This might come naturally or you may make a conscious decision to hold hands. 

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This is what holding hands in public reveals about your relationship.

1. Firmly holding hands with fingers interlocked  

This shows that your partner likes you and they are not afraid to show how they feel about you to the public. Your partner wants to assure you that they will always be by your side. This gesture is usually common among couples who have a strong relationship and wish to spend their lives together.

2. Your hands brushing against each other but you are not actually holding hands

This means that your partner wants to be closer to you though they might be afraid. This shows that your relationship is more of a friend zone relationship. Take note before it is too late. 

3. Your partner rests their hands on yours while sitting or laying side by side

If you notice that your partner places their hand above yours, it is a sign that they wish to be with you and protect you as much as they can. They do this to show their dominance and the will to be affectionate in public. Couples who are ready to move in together are not afraid of expressing affection in this manner.