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Famous Maseno business mogul commits suicide

Rodgy Balamu
A suicide rope. [Photo/Citizen]

A business mogul in Maseno market committed suicide after failing to pay loans given to her by her creditors.

According to a close relative of the business mogul, she ran her supermarket with loans acquired from a local bank.

The relative further noted that she completed a two storage supermarket building and received goods from suppliers on loan.

The loans for delivered goods by suppliers were to be cleared within 10 months, while the loans from the bank was to be cleared within a period of 2 years, but she failed to meet both deadline.

"My aunt has been in business for a long time. She acquired loans from a local bank to complete the supermarket storage building in which she was to clear within 2 years, while the loans for the goods delivered by suppliers to be cleared within 10 months. 

"She failed to meet both deadlines and the creditors were pressuring her to pay back.They even informed her that they would take back their resources and the supermarket itself. She couldn't withstand the pressure, so she opted to commit suicide," noted the close relative. 

She was found hanging on a rope at her home.


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