Lugari MP Ayub Savula has cautioned his Kimilili counterpart Didmus Barasa over what he terms as proud and reckless politicking.

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The two clashed on live radio on Wednesday, after Barasa questioned Savula's integrity, saying that his questionable character disqualifies him from the 2022 Kakamega gubernatorial race.

In response, Savula urged the youthful lawmaker to seek advise from his seniors and stop throwing insults at those ahead of him, reminding him that he is a first-term MP.

Savula noted that Barasa lacks the leadership experience needed, being only two years in office, and should, therefore, drop his pride and humble himself, if he wants to stay long in elective politics.

"Nataka nimkumbushe kwamba yeye ni first-term MP, hajamaliza hata muhula wa kwanza. Akuje polepole au hata huko Kimilili atangolewa (let me remind him that he is a first-term MP and has not even completed his first term in office. Let him be humble or he could even lose his Kimilili seat)," he said.

They faced off on Radio Jambo's Mazungumzo Waziwazi show on Wednesday evening, which was also attended by political analyst Gerald Bitok and Seme MP James Nyikal.

In response, Barasa noted that he is very careful on who he takes advise from, adding that him being a newbie in parliament doesn't make him uninformed.

In a direct shot at Savula, he added that the MP who is in his second term has demonstrated his lack of ideologies in his leadership, and cannot lecture him on matters leadership.

"Mimi kuwa katika muhula wa kwanza hakumaanishi sijui ninachokifanya. Wakati mwingine mwakilishi wa wadi huwa na busara kuliko hata rais (being in my first term doesn't make me uninformed. At times a ward representative can be wiser than the president)," said Barasa.

The two MPs belong to different political groups, Barasa being a member of the ruling Jubilee Party while Savula belongs to the opposition.