It takes a lot of time to discover the real traits of your girlfriend. At first, it is hard to tell but as time moves on, you discover her other side; the crazy personality.

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In order for you to discover whether your girlfriend is off her rocker, there are signs that indicate she is a crazy girlfriend. Here they are:

1. Admission of crazy behaviour in her past

Do your girlfriends narrate stories about her past insane behaviours? It might seem like funny tales but one should take them seriously. No one changes that easily, therefore, there might be some possibility that she is still crazy.

2. She always lies

If your girlfriend always lies about everything, it is a red flag for you. These are the types of women who will never associate themselves with the truth.

3. Crazy fighting behaviour

People get involved in fights but not that frequently. But if it happens that your girlfriend’s case is different, then know that she might be insane.

4. She governs your friendships

The worst experience that your relationship might face is when it is being controlled by a psychopath. It is will never be interesting as she will always want you to do what she says.

5. She’s itching to get married

There’s nothing which is as boring as having a girlfriend who keeps insisting about getting married.