Do you go to clubs with the hope of meeting a guy and starting a relationship ?

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A night club constitutes of different types of guys which one should get familiar of.

Here are types of guys one is likely to meet in a night club.

1. The usual

This is the type of guy who is probably known by all bartenders.

He is a rare breed to find, even though he is the type of a guy who likes socializing with anybody he meets in the night club.

For this type of guy, when they do order, the likely term they usually use is “the usual.”

2. The demander

This is now among the worst guys that people find in night clubs since they are so irritating.

This type of guy is very arrogant and doesn't listen to what they are told.

When they happen to put an order they do it in a demanding way which isn’t good

3. Mr. Downer

These are the type of people who happen to have suffered a lot in their life which result in them behaving in a humble way.

They usually don’t associate themselves with other people in the night club.