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Beyond Nairobi's Deep West where sex goes for 'Bamba 20'

Jay Omar
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Koinange Street is the most known hub of prostitution in Nairobi County. 

If somebody asks where he or she can find you and end up mentioning the street as meet-up point, the person will associate you to the illegal business.

However, other places in Nairobi are embrasing the 'business' even more than how the situation is at Koinange. 

These places are mostly slums, where the level of poverty forces victims into the vices.

Some participants only charge as little as Sh20, money that cannot even buy a packet of unga other than topping up their airtime.

Close to Wilson Airport is a slum between Nairobi West and South C.

From Nairobi Deep West Resort Off Mai Mahiu road is a slum is a walk of about 20 minutes. 

Residents engage in minor businesses, not to mention prostitution, to make life-ends meet.

"They have money but they cannot pay us more than Sh50," said Jane while referring to mechanics who frequent the place. 

Men coming for the services only part ways with Sh 20 from their pockets.

She revealed that at night some participants in the business do it along the slum paths when they find paying for a room hectic.


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