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Who is Kolindar Kitarović, lady on lips of Kenyans for hugging naked players?

Shem Beverton Mukalo
Kolindar Grabar-Kitarović. [Photo/Kolindar Grabar]

After Croatia's impeccable display in Russia whose culmination was the country's historic progress to the World Cup final Wednesday night after a 2-1 humiliation of England, the name of Kolindar Grabar Kitarovic has been on virtually every Kenyan's lips.

Unless you live in cave or have been on a self-imposed digital detox, there is every chance that you have seen that video of a woman in a checkerboard white and red shirt hugging half naked players in their changing room.

That woman is Kolindar Grabar-Kitarović.

Social media has been awash with  sexy, controversy-inducing images  of herself decked out in knee-length minis and allegedly sumptuous bikinis.

All indications are that, Kenyan men are head over heels in love with her.

But who is this lady who has triggered an exposion on social media?

Here are facts about her:Kolindar Grabar is the current president of Croatia, a country in Europe with just over four million people.She was born in Rijeka when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia.

She is married to Javic Kitarovic since 1996 with whom she has two kids, Luka and Katarina.

Mrs Kitarovic is fifty years old.

She rose to the pinnacle of Croatia's political power, the presidency, in 2015.

Unlike her predecessors, she is a top fan of The Blazers, the nickname of the country's national football team.


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