Political analyst Ambrose Weda now claims that the trouble that was witnessed in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) on Monday was a good lesson for Kenyans.

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Thousands of Nairobians were forced to walk to and from the City centre after the Governor Mike Sonko-led administration banned public service vehicles from accessing the CBD.

But in an interview on KBC English Service’s ‘The Big Conversation’ Wednesday morning, the High Court Advocate lauded the one day ordeal for making Kenyans see light.

He noted that Kenyans and especially Nairobians will henceforth learn to elect leaders on the basis of their capability to lead and plan and not judging by their generosity and popularity.

‘’Kenyans felt the pain of choosing the wrong people to lead them. It is wrong for them to complain as this is a person they voted themselves and are now ripping the consequences of their actions,’’ he said.

Weda, however, condemned Sonko and his leadership for the failed technique aimed at reducing congestion in the capital, slamming him for not considering the commuters before the implementation.

He added that the county should have put in place alternative measures to move the people in and out of the CBD to the designated termini.‘’

That was the poorest decision in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sonko had to provide other means of transport to his subjects,’’ he added.

The ban was suspended on Tuesday morning.