Our nails have unique facts that most Kenyans may not be knowing. 

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Most people use the nails to scratch itchy parts of the body and ladies polish nails for beauty. 

Below are five facts you didn't know about nails:

1. The growth rate of nails in men is higher than that of women except for expectant mothers. 

However, the growth rate is said to be level among men and women during dry seasons.

2. Your nails have different growth rates: you may be wondering why the nail on your forefinger is longer than that of the thumb. Well, this is because the thumbnail has the lowest rate of growth compared to other fingernails. 

However, fingernails grow faster compared to toenails.

3. Nail cutting boosts the growth of your nails: you should know that clipping your nails makes them grow faster. Moreover, short nails are hygienically appreciated.

4. Cuticles prevent nail infection: most people do cut the cuticles when they go to the nail bar. 

However, you should put in mind that cuticles are responsible for retaining moisture and prevents the entry of bacteria into the nails.

5. Never clip your nails in the dark: there is a high chance of hurting yourself if you cut the nails in darkness.