Prominent lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi now says former Kiambu governor William Kabogo is a genius compared to his successor.

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Kabogo lost to the current governor Ferdinand Waititu in the 2017 polls. 

In a tweet, the lawyer said: "I know @honkabogo fairly well...but now I know one more thing about him...he is a genius...pure genius...just compare him with his successor..." 

However, in response to the complement, Kabogo asked Abdulahi not to compare him to Waitutu. 

"@ahmednasirlaw "Pls do not compare me with ...”thing” it makes my heart bleed. Please!","  the former county boss tweeted in reply

Ahmednasir's statement came barely hours after Waititu was cornered over an ambiguous budget.

Appearing before the Senate Public Accounts Committee, the governor was pressed hard to explain parts of his budget that seemed not to add up. 

Among the suspicious items, the governor was being questioned are about Sh500 million for the peace process in South Sudan, over Sh900 million for State House functions and Sh180 million for emoluments for retired presidents.