There are certain habits we embrace when we fall in love. Some of these habits can make our love stronger while others can weaken the same. If you are not fulfilling your partner’s emotional needs then you are likely to end up in a bitter breakup. Here are four signs you may not be fulfilling your partner's emotional needs.

1. He or she tends to withdraw when you advise them

 A person who is not fulfilling his or her partner's emotional needs rarely maintains a relationship. If your partner opts to retreat when you are addressing serious matters then something is wrong somewhere.

2. You are ever fighting

Fighting is among the signs that one is missing something in the relationship. If your partner does not get that satisfaction as far as his or her emotional needs are concerned then she or he is likely to engage you in endless fights. Fights weaken our love life.

3. He or she begs for validation

A good relationship is where all the partners are equals. You do not need validation to win his or her heart. If your partner is always seeking validation from you then something is wrong somewhere.

4. No more talk about your daily life

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. If you and your partner don't talk about the meaningful things happening in your life then the relationship is bound to fail. Discussing life's challenges with your partner and coming up with solutions together will strengthen your relationship.