Sex plays an important role in a relationship. A man’s performance in the bedroom will make or break a relationship. Every woman wants a man who is a beast in bed. A man who can deliver as expected. The kind of food you eat will determine how you perform in the bedroom.

Bananas are known aphrodisiacs. Men who eat bananas regularly have a higher libido. Studies have proven that bananas contain bromelain enzyme. The enzyme is believed to increase a man’s libido.  It is also said to reverse the effect of impotence among men.

 In simple terms, men who eat bananas more often are less likely to be infertile compared to those who do not. In addition, bananas are also a wonderful source of potassium as well as different vitamins.

It requires energy for one to perform better in the bedroom. The bananas can be cooked or eaten when ripe to realize these benefits.

Other fruits that can be combined with bananas include avocado and lemon.

Celery has also been proven to help men who want to take their bedroom game to the next level.