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4 places to find beautiful Kamba women in Kitui

Benard Ramoka
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Beautiful Kamba women dancing at a past event. [Photo/]

Kamba ladies are no doubt among the prettiest women in the country.

These ladies apart from their beauty are loved for their 'tantalizing' body shapes and humbleness.  

It is rare to find a  rude Kamba woman, they do everything to help their men accomplish their dreams in life.

Men have confessed  to having a liking of these women compared to others in the country.

Here are the places you can find beautiful Kamba women in Kitui and larger Ukambani region. Start a conversation that can lead to friendship and later marriage.

1. Weddings 

Women generally like weddings. 

Every weekend, women are invited to their friends' weddings. 

According to relationship expert Monica Mungai, weddings are the ideal places to find single and beautiful Kamba women.

She argues that the majority of single women who attend the weddings seek potential boyfriends or husbands.

2. Chamas

Women and chamas are inseparable. Every woman belongs to a 'chama'.

Mungai says 'chamas' are the best places where you can find single beautiful Kamba women in Kitui. 

Chamas used to be associated with married women but nowadays its single women who are running them.

Nowadays, 'chamas' are conducted in hotels and restaurants making it easier for one to spot a beautiful Kamba woman and start a conversation.

3. Nightclubs/entertainment joints

Every woman loves partying and having a good time. 

The same case with men. You will find beautiful Kamba women at top nightclubs, entertainment joints or restaurants in Kitui town.

If you are looking for beautiful single Kamba women, just visit top clubs and restaurants in Kitui and start the conversation.

4. Church 

Women love being close to their maker.

It is rare to find a woman who does not desire to be closer to God. Churches have become a haven for beautiful single Kikuyu women.

Single Kamba, Kitui women go to church with the hope of also finding soulmates.

So, next time visit a nearby church in Kitui and you will spot a beautiful Kamba lady and start the conversation.


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