A section of ODM leaders have been angered by the anti-referendum remarks made by Dp William Ruto while giving his keynote speech in Chatham House in London. 

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MPs including Otiende Amollo and Godfrey Osotsi together with John Mbadi (ODM chairman) and Edwin Sifuna (ODM secretary general) quoted the deputy president as a foe of inclusivity. 

While presenting a keynote speech in Chatham House in London, Dp William Ruto aired his personal set of requirements for the need of a constitutional referendum. 

Dp Ruto also added that there is no need for adding the new position if a Prime Minister and two deputies because it will not solve the coexisting political dilemma in the country.

The deputy president also claimed that the runners up in presidential elections will functions as virtual strangers in the administration. 

Ruto suggested the retention of the president and the deputy president positions, and the runner up in the polls to remain the constitutional opposition leader.

“I have heard the suggestion that the National Executive should be expanded to accommodate a PM as well as two deputies as a means of addressing the winner take all challenge,” as quoted by the Standard.

According to the suggestion of the Dp, the official opposition leader will be the runner up in the polls of the presidential sit, while the running mate will be become a member of parliament by default and take charge of the official opposition.

Moreover, the county governments should also emulate a similar system. 

According to Mp Amollo Otiende, DP Ruto was just opposed to the referendum call and not the cost.

Sifuna, on the other hand, claims that Dp Ruto thrives on divisive politics that's why he does support the push for a referendum. 

The Deputy president spokesperson Mugonyi David said leaders are allowed to make their critics since Kenya is a democratic country.