Most of us can hardly name 10 books in the bible leave alone naming all the books in the New Testament. 

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Well, let’s also ignore the fact that most of us are younger than 60 years old and have the Bible app in our smartphones and still don’t know most books of the Bible.

On Sunday, a video of unidentified 97-year-old grandmother went viral after she was recorded reciting all the 66 books of the Bible in perfect order. 

The most fascinating fact was how fluently she recited the books without making a single mistake or stammering. The 'gogo' recited the books using the Kalenjin language. 

She is said to be from Kiplombe ward in, Uasin Gishu county and attends her church services at AIC Church, Kiplombe. 

Judging from the video, the 'gogo' is a strong and healthy woman since most people can hardly stand at the age of 90. 

Although she lacks some of her front teeth, you can clearly tell that she’s a ball of joy and doesn’t mind sharing her laugh and smile with everyone around her. 

How many books of the Bible can you recite in their perfect order? Well, am sure that it’s nothing that’s near 66 books, Right?

Watch the 'gogo' trending video here.