Communication is one of the most important things that make a relationship going and it makes it strong than ever. 

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Calling is one way of communication as it makes you hear your partner's voice. Texting is another way most people use to communicate with their spouses and it has become the cheapest. 

However, there are some texting mistakes ladies do when texting her man that can make him move away;

Being available all the time

You need to give some time whenever he texts you. Don't always reply immediately when he sends you a text message. This makes him think you are idle. At least make him worry where you are and what you are doing.

Continuous texting

Texting a guy continuously is another mistake ladies do without them knowing. To them, they think it is the best thing they are doing but it is the worst thing. Reply to his texts and ignore some for at least an hour or so.

Being too open about your self

Never expose everything to him when texting. Try to be a little secretive about yourself. When you expose everything to him through text messages, he can get pissed off and stop texting you suddenly.