Nairobi Woman Representative has revealed that she was threatened not to come back to Kenya. 

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Passaris who was speaking during an interview with Milele FM’s on Thursday claimed that an anonymous person sent her a text message while she was in Canada to warn her against coming back to Kenya.

“I had been threatened by someone who told me not to come back if I knew what was good for me. But I told the person Kenya is my home and I will have to come back,” Passaris stated.

The anonymous person who issued the warning claimed that he had spoken to the spirits and he had been told that it was not safe for her to come back to Kenya. She even showed one of the hosts some of the messages.

“The spirits have spoken to me, something bad awaits you. Something terrible will happen to you. I see a group of people sitting and gathering with your pictures. I am advising you because my spirit has directed you, if you have ears, listen,” Jalang’o, one of the show's host read the message aloud.

According to Passaris, Sonko’s leakage of their phone conversation is what enabled strangers to get her contact details.

“You know when someone gets the number of a Member of Parliament, he or she uses that opportunity. Some use the opportunity well while others use it foolishly,” she noted.

Passaris has in the recent days been involved in a war of words with Sonko who accused her of being corrupt. 

She has, however, called on the relevant authorities to investigate the allegations.