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Shock as sticks talk to a man in Seme

Otini David
A bag containing talking sticks in Seme.[Photo/Ibrahim Muga]

There was shock on Wednesday in Seme after two short sticks locked in a bag talked to a man. 

The man identified as Ibrahim Muga spotted the bag in thickets while he was on his way to a football training. 

While trying to establish the contents of the bag, a voice warned him not to open the bag and instead carry it towards the instructed direction.

The frightened Muga took it on his back and followed the instructions from the bag. 

At last, the voice instructed the man to drop the bag near a gate, one kilometre away.

“The voice instructed me to drop the bag and leave. It was a childish voice. It said it was okay there. It thanked me for my kindness,” said Muga through a phone call.

Mzee Alex, an elder in Kisumu, noted that the sticks could have been magical, and it’s likely the owners threw it away without their consent.

For that reason, they insisted to be returned home.

“You cannot abandon magical powers just when you want to. You have to follow instruction,” said Alex.

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