Breakups are part of life. There is no reason to regret after losing someone you treasured so much in life. 

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If you truly loved him, then he will regret walking away from your life. 

Some men often make decisions in a rush only to wonder why they were stupid when there is no more love. 

A man regrets these three times after losing a woman to another man:

1. When he notices you were better in bed than his current girlfriend

Sex plays a great role in any relationship. It is disturbing to notice you left a woman who is a tiger in bed to date a ‘zombie’. 

You are likely to regret for months if you realise your ex was better in bed than your current lover.

2. When he realises you were faithful after being cheated on

Finding a faithful partner is not easy. A man dating a faithful woman should never take her for granted. 

There comes a time when you realise you left a gem to date a perennial cheater. 

A man will regret if he notices signs of cheating in his new partner.

3. When he realises no cares the way you did

 Every man desires to find a woman who cares for him.

 A man will no doubt revisit memories with his ex if he realises she was more caring than his current lover.