There are many ways people use vinegar in their daily lives. From using it in their kitchen and outside the kitchen, this product can solve other problems you didn’t know about. Here are five of such problems it solves:

1. Shine your shoes

Vinegar can be used to make your leather shoes look new again. Mix a small portion of vinegar with water, then rub this mixture on your shoes. This will make them look great. 

2. Kills weeds fast

Vinegar can be used to kill weeds in your garden. Spraying vinegar on weeds will make them dry off. Unlike other chemicals which might be bad for your health and your garden, vinegar has no effects apart from killing the weeds.

3. Clean your keyboard

Your computer keyboard is among the dirtiest things around you. However, using a cloth dipped in vinegar will kill germs and remove dirt from your keyboard.

4. Streak-free windows

Use vinegar when cleaning your windows. Unlike water and other washing expensive products which leaves your window messier than before, vinegar solution will leave them streak-free. Adding a small few drops of lemon juice in this mixture will make your windows smell good. 

5. Disinfect your dishwasher

How frequently do you wash your dishwasher? This is something you should be doing on a regular basis. Using vinegar when cleaning a dishwasher will not only leave it clean but also will disinfect it.