It was hope and prayers for the recovery of a breast cancer patient, Jane Masibo until nurses and a doctor announced her imminent death.

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Doctors at the Alexandria Cancer Hospital in Eldoret broke the sad news to Masibo's family. The patient was admitted a month ago. 

According to her mother Beatrice Juma Masibo, they received the sad news on Sunday Midnight with her daughter Mary Masibo. The doctor told them that Masibo only had a week to leave.

Hit so hard by the tragic news, Mary couldn't hold back asking the medics why they gave up despite being trained. 

This, says the mother, was the beginning of their misery as the hospital discharged the patient and demanded instant payment of Sh550,000. 

 "They forced us out the hospital saying we were rude to them. Jane was detained with no one to attend to her," said Jane's mother.

Painful as it may be, Jane's condition has worsened since she was admitted for medication. 

According to Juma, Jane had no wound in her breast but she now has a big wound. 

"We have paid Sh300, 000 and tried to offer car logbook and title deed as collateral but they have not released my daughter. My daughter is being mistreated just because Mary lashed at them," she further said.

Juma is requesting the hospital to release her daughter so that she can seek medication elsewhere. 

They are not ready to lose the ailing Jane.

Alexandria Cancer Hospital couldn't be reached for a comment on this.

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