Have you and your partner decided to take your relationship to the next level? Are you planning to get married? If so, then congratulations to you.

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After the engagement, it is just a matter of time for you to fully settle down together as husband and wife.

But one needs to keep in mind that engagement is just a start of what is to be faced in marriage life.

This is the main period where couples get ready for the reality of married life.

Knowing that it can be hard for one to handle engagement and therefore, a help will most definitely be needed.

Here are some of the relationship advice for newly engaged couples.

1. Don’t try changing each other

After getting engaged to someone, one might be tempted to try and change someone to be the way you there before dreamt your partner to be.

However, one should know that, trying that might result in a rough start in your ahead life together.

2. Don’t try to work towards the expectations of others

After one gets engaged, there are many friends and family members who will be on your neck just to see how your marriage will end up to be.

As a result, this might get one pressured and try to alter things just to achieve people’s expectations.

However, couples should never do that since they should try and be themselves.

3. Stop assuming that you know what each other wants

Not because you’ve been into a relationship with someone for a long period you can now brag to know what they want.

Even though you are already engaged with each other, it is still important to ask your partner what they want instead of filling the gap for yourself.