A bizarre incident in which a swarm of bees flung on a motorbike in Makueni County in October 2016, led to false reports that witchcraft was involved.

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It has been alleged that an aggrieved man from the same region sent a swarm of bees to recover his stolen motorcycle.

The incident occurred at Kikima market in Mbooni, Makueni County.

Area assistant chief Patrick Mwanzia quashed those reports saying the incident was a consequence of nature.

Mwanzia told this writer that the swarm of bees flew on their own to the motorbike belonging to a bodaboda operator, covering the handlebar, dashboard and gas tank after their queen bee got stuck in the bike’s handlebar.

They clung to the motorcycle for nearly an hour before flying away.

"We thought this man had stolen a motorcycle and a witchdoctor sent bees to cling on the motorcycle," said Mutuku Mulwa, one of the bodaboda operators who witnessed the incident.

Mulwa said such incidences are common and most residents think it is only witchcraft that can make them happen in Ukambani region.