Babies are beautiful but what makes them more beautiful is the name given to them. That's why some people will ask why one has to give his/her kid a certain name yet it doesn't befit him/her.

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In Kambaland, just like any other tribes, kids are named after people, season, situation or even loved ones. Beautiful names are not only in English but also in Kamba.

Here is a list of Kamba names to call your kid that will wow anyone who hears it;

1. Moseo

This name is preferably given to boys. It means goodness. It is named after a child who is an answered prayer and his birth has brought so much joy to the family. It is a good choice too for your baby. 

2. Mutanu

The name which means 'a happy one' is mostly given to girls upon birth. Most people with the name are ever happy and less sad, it's like the name depicts one's life. It takes an effect that even as a child, she will be all smiles and giggles and whoever interacts with her will surely know her name befits her.

3. Moathimo

It means blessings. The name is given to girls in Kambaland. However, Moathimo is unisex.

Couples that have been searching for a kid for a long time or the baby's arrival changed their situation in life from bad to good tend to give this name.

4. Kyama

It's always a name with 'a backup story'. Preferably given to boys meaning 'miracle'. It is a Christian name given to kids who came into the world under hard circumstances. For example, a child who came out with legs first or the mother went into labour for long and the child had complications but he overcame them. 

5. Mutethya

Given to girls meaning 'a helper'. The couples naming their child Mutethya may have been having a situation that they think will be settled by the baby.

Maybe they hope she will grow up to get a good job and support her parents or she could be the one pillar in a family that holds it together.

The list is endless but above are just but a few of the best Kamba names one would call their kids.