Residents of Omonono village in North Borabu, Nyamira County were left in a rude shock on Monday morning when they woke up only to find a cat beheaded  and hanged on a tree. 

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Locals claimed witchcraft is at the peak in the area and now it has started going in public. 

"Witches are increasing in number day by day. No normal person could behead the cat and hang it on the tree. These are witches who are out to achieve their agenda," said Teresa Monari.

Bridgette Kerubo said she doesn't know why witches have been causing her trouble. 

"It is shocking that witches hanged the beheaded cat on my tree why not other people? I leave everything to God to punish whoever beheaded the cat and hanged it on a tree in my compound," she said.

Area chief identified as Kennedy wondered why locals are practicing witchcraft. 

"Locals should dedicate their lives to God instead of engaging in witchcraft to scare others by beheading cats. Whoever who will be found practicing witchcraft will have to face his ow her own cross," he noted. 

He said locals buried the cat after local pastors held prayers.