Chief Musa Nyandusi was the first man to own a vehicle from Gusii land before other residents got the power to.

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Nyandusi was a powerful colonial chief who worked for the colonies so much until he was given two medal prizes for his job well done by the British government. 

During his service as the great chief, he got the favours from the colonial government till he owned vehicles; Ford And Chevrolet Sedan. He was respected so much by the people of the soil. 

However, his reign came to a bitter end after Kenya got independence and the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was made the Minister for Home Affairs. Oginga in his position fired all the colonial chiefs in the country which marked the end of his tenure.

Musa Nyandusi had 15 wives and more than 100 children. However, he had a soft spot in the fifth wife called Pauline Bosibori. He respected her so much such and it is in this family, that former Minister Simeon Nyachae was born. He was named Nyachae because customarily, he was born when tea crops were first introduced in Kisii.

There was also a strong relationship between Nyachae's family and Kenyatta's. This was after the Nyandusi helped Kenyatta evade arrested by the colonial government in 1952 while carrying out campaigns at Gusii region.

Nyandusi took him to his house where he hid him till the following day when he escorted Kenyatta to Nairobi. 

This brought hatred between the colonial government and Nyandusi. He was however not punished as he said that he was following the African tradition and that was not betrayal. 

All the same, Kenyatta was arrested four days later and detained till 1961. This planted a good relationship between the two families.