Likoni Member of Parliament Mishi Mboko has fired warning shots to members of Jubilee's Tanga Tanga group following the victory of ODM candidate Imran Okoth in Kibra.

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In an interview on Thursday night, she said the Kibra by-election was a trailer, adding that BBI is the real movie.

"I was surprised to hear men saying they want to invade Baba's bedroom. How can they enter Raila's bedroom? This seat has given birth to the first child of the handshake. We want to tell Tanga Tanga that it was just a rehearsal. the real, movie is on the way. (Mimi nilishangaa wanaume wakisema wanataka kuingia bedroom ya Baba. Wanaingia bedroom ya Baba kivipi?...Kiti hiki kimezaa mtoto wa kwanza wa handshake…Tunaambia Tanga Tanga kwamba hiyo ilikuwa rehearsal, movie yenyewe inakuja na BBI)," she said.

On her part, Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi said she is glad Imran won the race, adding that some of the leaders attempted to bribe voters, but their actions never bore fruits.

“As Team Embrace, we came out to support Imran. He was the handshake candidate…We saw some politicians come with money to bribe voters. That was wrong," she said.