When it comes to having enemies, this does not matter whether you are a kind person or not, as you’ll always have one. 

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One happens to have a lot of enemies especially when he or she starts to succeed in life. However, one should not be afraid of them as there is always a way on how to deal with them. 

Here are some ways on how one can deal with his or her enemies:

1. Identify them

The first step in dealing with your enemies is by identifying them. Identifying them helps a lot as most of them usually pretend to be your close friends

Once you know them, you will not get hurt by the things they say about you because you expect them to say such things.

2. Try to win them over

Another way of dealing with your enemies is by trying to win them over. Show them the good things that have resulted from your achievements and also what they can do to reach your standards. 

That way, they will gradually start appreciating you.

3. Give them a benefit of doubt

Sometimes, it is always good to give your enemies benefits of doubt, where you happen to consider whether their negativity is right.

 If their negativity makes sense, then find it but if it doesn’t, move on and better your life.