Women tend to have a flat tummy after giving birth. They struggle to get their tummies back to the normal state but it is a daunting task and at times, almost impossible.

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Some try to take some meals to cut down the big belly but it is all in vain. But never worry because Nonetheless, here are a number of exercises that can help you have a flat tummy in a month or less.

1. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are the best exercises that can help you have your stomach back to its normal state. All you need is to lie on your back and place your hands at the back of the head. 

Gently raise your upper part of the body while your lower part is still. Do this at least five times and in less than thirty days, your big belly will be gone.

2. Planks

There are a number of planks exercises that not only kills the big belly but also gives you the best body posture ever.

3. Crunches

Crunches are one of the easiest ways to kill fats in your stomach. You need to lie on your back and let your knees bend and feet flat. Place your hands at the back of your head and lift the upper side of your body while you breathe out. 

Breath in as you lie back and breath out while you rise. do this for five minutes every day for the best results.