It is now only a matter of days if not weeks before Public Service Management minister Bernard Osumo is relieved off his duties following progress on impeachment motion against him.

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MCAs voted on Tuesday overwhelmingly to have him sacked with 25 of the 31 who attended the stormy session voting against his removal. Five voted against while one abstained.

"To safeguard the integrityI of this house, Osumo must go. We cannot have a situation where someone misuses his office at the expense of taxpayers. The law ought to be respected all the time," Nyansiongo MCA John Kebaso said.

"Long gone are days of sacred cows. We must execute our responsibilities without coercion. Nobody can intimidate. If you abuse your office, we cannot spare you," added nominated MCA George Mosiori.

Mr Osumo is accused of orchestrating employment of his son Osumo Mbuvi, and subsequently elevating him to Job Group R without due process of the law.

Ironically, Governor John Nyagarama had appointed him to oversee payroll purge, in which several people who may have very recruited irregularly or promoted illegally are set to lose their jobs.

"I have sent all payroll team for a three-month compulsory leave and am hoping that we shall streamline everything. We are using a lot of money in recurrent expenditure," Nyagarama said early this month.

Already, sources intimate that over 1,950 people were recruited in 2016 alone, a move that could throw several top officials into jeopardy. Some analysts argue that Osumo's impeachment is crafted by perpetrators of illegal recruitment.