It is normal for people to be eager to know all the details when their friends or family members get engaged.

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You will most probably want to know when is the wedding going to happen, where it will take place, whether you are invited among other things.

However, there are things that one should avoid saying to the newly engaged couple as it may not seem appropriate.

Here are three things you should never say to a newly engaged couple.

1. “Who’s paying for the wedding?”

Unless you are the couple’s parents, one should never ask a newly engaged couple such a question.

You should avoid the topic because many people prefer keeping financial matters to themselves.

2. “I’m so excited to come to the wedding?”

One should wait until you are officially invited to attend the wedding.

Using such a phrase way before being invited might create a bad picture as you don’t even know whether the couple is planning on doing a wedding or not.

3. “When are you going to have kids?”

Some people go too far by asking things that one should not be asking in the first place.

This phrase should be avoided as the newly engaged couple has not even begun their preparations for the wedding. You are only allowed to engage in such a conversation if the couple brings it up.