Politicians in the country are known for their funny remarks while addressing the public, their mannerisms and actions which earns them nicknames. 

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Some of these politicians have even accepted these monickers and incorporated them with their official names. 

These are some of the Kenyan politicians who have nicknames they identify themselves with the public: 

1. Ferdinand Waititu aka 'baba yao' 

His reign as Embakasi MP was littered with theatrics. Waititu clashed with police and alleged land grabbers. Videos of him hurling stones at police officers went viral, an act that earned him the monicker 'Baba Yao' from his constituents. 

After long use of 'baba yao' nickname to gain political mileage, Waititu registered the name with the Registry of Documents in Nairobi hence becoming his official name. 

2. Kalonzo Musyoka aka 'watermelon' 

In his political arena since 2010 Kalonzo is commonly known as watermelon. The genesis of this nickname dates back in 2010 where he supported the draft constitution in a campaign but members of campaign team opposing the constitution, led by Deputy President William Ruto claimed that the former Vice President was secretly opposing the draft likening him as watermelon fruit which is naturally green on outside and red inside. 

Kalonzo once admitted that he is used to the name and even enjoys it. 

"I am beginning to like this watermelon thing. In fact, it's a beautiful fruit," he once said. 

3. Raila Odinga alias 'Baba' 

The former Prime Minister's experience in political scene has earned him a host of nicknames, ranging from 'baba', 'tinga', 'agwambo' among others. Tinga means a tractor, a name he got when he was the National Development Party (NDP) leader, the party whose symbol was Tinga. 

Raila earned another monicker 'baba' from his political cronies who considered him a political father. His nicknames have stood the weight of time, most of his supporters identify him using these monickers.