Kenyan musicians are not happy with the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) (MCSK) after they received what they termed as peanuts for royalties.

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Singer Suzanna Owiyo is among the artists who have expressed their disappointment after MCSK sent her Sh.2530 as royalties for her music. 

The singer took to social media to express her anger. She accused MCSK of frustrating artists yet it had the mandate to promote their careers.  Owiyo said that prostitutes make more money than artists.

“We hve grown ass men/women who sit at the MCSK office denying the artistes their rightful pays.I received this text & didn't pay much attention to it.MCSK are jokers who’r slowly killing the industry. Zero interest in supporting the artistes.Selling nunu wld gve better pay check,” she said.

Gidi Gidi was also not impressed after receiving peanuts from the body in the name of royalties. 

“Music Copyright Society of Kenya - MCSK has just sent me Ksh 2,530 as royalties for my music. It is the second time that I have received such whooping amounts in my music career spanning 20yrs. Wacha sasa nitafute nyumba kubwa na Ferrari with this ksh. 2,530 so as to live like akina Rick Ross. Music is well paying in Kenya,” he posted.

Sauti Sol is yet another group, which is not happy at all after it received nothing from MSCK.

Over the years, artists have been lamenting over low pay from their careers.