For a successful relationship, both partner’s should be able to care about each other at all cost. Men care about their women more when they are genuinely in love. However, when they start to lose interest in a woman, they stop to care about them. 

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Here are some signs that indicate he does not care about you;

1. Asks you to do things for him and refuses to do anything for you

When a man asks favours from you but doesn’t do the same for you, know that he does not care about you. He only takes you as an idol that he can ask for favours whenever he needs one.

2. You always contact him first

For an equal relationship where partners care about each other, any of the partners will simultaneously be calling each other from time to time. However, when it happens that you are the only one who contacts him, and he never calls you, know that he doesn’t care about you.

3. Never goes out of his way to do things to make you happy

For a guy who cares about you, he’ll always be the type of a guy whom he’ll be willing to go an extra mile to make you happy. But if that never happens, know that he does not care about you.