Asthma is a health condition that affects the respiratory system such that one suffers difficulty in breathing. 

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It is a manifestation of inflamed and mucus-filled airways which limit air passage. This condition can be caused by some factors or could be underlying only waiting to be triggered.

The following factors can either cause or trigger asthma;

1. Allergies

Up to 80 per cent of people living with asthma developed it from allergies. There are people who are sensitive to some environmental factors such as dust, animal fur, pollen grains and mould specks of dust. As a precautionary measure, you should avoid these as much as you can. This does not only apply to you alone but also your kids. Advise them not to play on dusty grounds.

2. Extreme weather conditions

Weather conditions such as extreme humidity and very low temperatures could cause or trigger asthma in sensitive individuals. For people with asthma, even mild cold could lead to wheezing and tightness of the chest. For the people without asthma, you are advised to take caution during cold seasons as you are likely to develop it. 

3. Exercise

Exercise can cause or trigger asthma. However, in most cases, it induces the symptoms in people who have the problem in a dormant state. Engaging in strenuous exercises could cause heavy and fast breathing casing what is called Exercise-Induced Asthma(EIA).

Note note asthma can be inherited from parents meaning it is genetic.