In life, one cannot be liked by everybody. Despite it being known, there happens to be those who pretend to be our friends, but deep within them, they don’t like us. 

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Even though identifying them is hard, below are signs that someone does not like you;

1. They don’t offer you a sincere smile

Smiles are meant to show someone that there’s something about them that you’ve liked. When someone genuinely likes you, he or she can never fake their smile towards you. However, when someone does not like you, he or she will be faking their smile or even not smile at you.

2. They don’t look you into the eyes

When it comes to someone who doesn’t like you, they are always guilty of something. The guilt makes them weak in that; they are always unable to look you into the eyes directly. A person who doesn’t like you will never look you into your eyes.

3. Never make plans with you

If you are the one who has always been making plans with him or her but he or she has never, know that you are not liked. They never make plans with you because they don’t like hanging around with you.