Many people adore their friends.

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Most of us believe that our friends are the best things that ever happened in our lives and that they will come through for us when life gets tough.

Controversial and renowned media personality Andrew Kibe begs to differ.

He doesn't put a high premium on friendships as many people do if his latest television interview is anything to go by.

Speaking on Royal Media Services-owned Citizen Television, Kibe contended that friendship is one of the most overrated things in the world today.

According to Mr Kibe, a majority of these friendships are sustained by their ability to meet the selfish interests of the parties involved.

"Friendship is overrated, right. It's all about convenience. You are with somebody as long as you need them. The day that need stops being there, you are going to find a way of dismissing that friend," said Kibe.

Kibe went on to argue that the people who call themselves friends only stick around during the good times and leave when problems kick in.

His remarks come amid a national conversation on social media on friendships ignited by friends of former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who said that they had a "boys club".