Fresh graduates applying for jobs for the first time find it hard to write worthy CVS because most companies usually want experienced hands. 

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If you have no work experience, here are some CV tips you need to know;

1. Include your achievements over the years

You must have things you achieved over the years during your studies. Things like your attachment or may be some little hustles that you did while trying to raise some pocket money for yourself. 

Try to add these to your CV for as long as they are related to the job you are seeking in a way. Using them to decorate your CV could give it a better impression.

2. Add a cover letter

In your CV, there is always no room for you to explain your personality and talk about why you think you are fit for the job. For this reason, you need to attach a cover letter where you explain to your recruiter the kind of person you are and what makes you right for the job. Remember to put it professional and succinct.

3. Don't forget about skills you think are obvious

When it comes to seeking a job, there are never obvious skills. If you have areas you good at like different computer packages, you can speak a foreign language, you are good at social media marketing, and so on. The skills you think are obvious are what your employer needs.