President Uhuru Kenyatta sought to put the record straight as regards his marital status and what a better place to do that than the funeral of a fallen cultural hero.

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As he paid tribute to Kikuyu musician John DeMathew, President Kenyatta told mourners, perhaps in a bid to dispel speculation to the contrary, that he has only one wife.

"Anyway, I only have one and there is no problem (Anyway, no nie dikire no omoe gotire na thina)," Uhuru said plunging mourners into laughter. (4:37-4:45)

The president's publicly known wife is First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with whom they have shared a life for many years after tying the knot in church.

He made the comment as he congratulated the two wives of John DeMathew for loving each other and not fighting in public.

Uhuru said that the co-wives had shown a good example to be followed by other Kenyans.

Cases of alleged wives of deceased men fighting publicly have been widely reported in the media.

The death of former Kibra MP Ken Okoth saw an MCA, who claimed to have borne Ken a child, accuse the late legislator's known wife of sidelining her from the MP's funeral arrangements.