US-based lawyer Makau Mutua has rebranded Deputy President William Ruto's Tangatanga movement to 'Manga Manga'.

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Speaking on Wednesday night during the JKLive show, Makau noted that 'Manga Manga' name best suits Ruto's team due to what he termed as the unnecessary trips they make across the country. 

“I think the elected officials who are in the so-called Tangatanga group which I call Manga Manga have been put on payroll by Ruto. And so I don’t think that they are speaking with their voices,” he said.

Asked why he called Ruto’s movement to 'Manga Mang', the controversial scholar said that the name is good for the group which is going to places they are not welcomed. 

“Tanga Tanga is not a good term to call someone because its wondering aimlessly from place to place. But 'manga manga' is worse as it is like walking around without shoes and going to places you are not welcome,” Mutua noted. 

He further said DP Ruto’s group is working hard to gain fame in the Mt Kenya region where President Uhuru Kenyatta comes from.