Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua Kanyi's adorable daughter Tamara Wambui is slowly making her presence felt on social media.

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The singer-cum-politician who is popularly known by his stage name Jaguar sired the child with Magda Ngima, currently going by the title 'mama Wambui'.

However, the two are no longer dating but have a co-parenting arrangement.

Just like her father, Tamara Wambui likes music and based on her social media posts, there is no doubt she enjoys good music.

The 'Kigeugeu' hitmaker is rumoured to be in a relationship with Tanzania singer Lulu Diva.

When most Tanzanians including lawmakers were attacking Jaguar on grounds of making 'xenophobic' remarks against foreign traders in his constituency, Lulu stood firm and defended him, arguing that the MP was protecting the rights of his people.

"We received the remarks differently, we panicked, but personally as per my interpretations, it was just a leader fighting for his people. He saw his people were lacking jobs," said Lulu in a move that fuelled the dating rumours.

Here are some of Tamara Wambui's photos.

Wambui and her mother Magd Ngima. [Source/ Wambui Tamara]

Wambui and her father Jaguar. [Source/ Wambui Tamara]

Tamara Wambui. [Source/ Wambui Tamara]