Veteran opposition and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga left mourners in stitches on Friday at the funeral of Lawyer Karanja Kabage with a witty comment on hustlers.

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If at all hustlers have virtue, then Karanja Kabage was an example of a hustler with virtue, Mr Odinga contended causing laughter among the mourners with the paradox of the statement.

"If you look at his life history, you will say that if hustlers have virtue, then this was really the hustler. He was from rags to riches by working hard, " Raila said. 

Odinga's hustler comment appeared to be a jibe directed at Deputy President Dr William Ruto, who attended the funeral and who has long styled himself as a hustler and a rags to riches story.

Ruto has been in the past subject to unceasing attacks from Raila and his allies who have questioned the DP's source of wealth.

The ODM leader took the opportunity to rail against corruption, hitting out at those "moving around with brief cases looking for tenders."

He hailed Kabage as a person who was opposed to corruption and a businessman who did not resort to dubious means to acquire his wealth.

Kabage reportedly died of a cardiac arrest.