The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has found itself on the spot following revelations that its positions are shared among a specific group of ethnic groups.

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Thanks to a report tabled before the National Assembly on Tuesday, it has been found out that seven communities dominate the council's top 341 positions.

The report indicates that the Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin, Luhya, Kisii, Kamba and Meru dominate the slots, with the lawmakers now accusing the body of spearheading tribal imbalance.

In the report tabled before the Maina Kamanda-led National Assembly Cohesion and Equal Opportunities Committee, it was found that the seven communities hold 306 slots.

This is in consideration that the nation consists of 43 ethnic tribes.

The Council's acting chief officer Grace Karogo was put under pressure to answer why the council lacks the image of Kenya, blaming the situation on the failure of other communities to apply for the jobs.

She noted that it had been hard to get some communities to apply in some specialised technical jobs, hence the gap.

Karogo also blamed the shortage of persons with disabilities in the State-council on long working hours, which makes it hard for them to cope.

The committee has been conducting surveys on State corporations and firms to check if they are upholding the ethnic equality rule.