Lecturers from Kisii University have opposed the proposed merger of universities saying that it will bar many people from getting higher education.

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While addressing journalists on Thursday in Kisii, they opposed the move saying universities are not in the same levels, thus the move will disorient the system.

UASU Secretary General, Kisii branch Francis Omayio said Prof George Magoha should consider calling for proper consultations before pushing for the move.

"Ebinto ebi mbikonyarekana ekiagera inche naye ntoreng'aini. Ekero otagete kobekerania goika oborie ning'o totagete kobekernigwa. 

"Buna euniversity yaito ya Kisii nigo egokora buya ase chikosi chierichiko. Onye okobekeranigwa okwo koroo, tiga atotebie totebe ning'o tokobekeranigwa nere," he said.

(This things are not possible since we are not equal. If you want to merge, you should ask whom we want to be merged to. Like our Kisii University is doing good in law courses. If there is need to merge, ask us to tell you who we want to be merged with)

Omayio also said that other universities have high debts of the loans they borrow for constructions, and that the situation will inconvenience other universities and hinder the delivery services after the merge.