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3 crucial things to address before walking down the aisle

Cornel Wawire
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Many people have always dreamt of getting married to that person they have been dating for years. However, before getting married to someone, there are many things you two need to talk and make clear. These will form a great foundation for your marriage and life thereafter. Here are three crucial things to address with your partner before walking down the aisle:


With the current economic situation in the country, there is need to talk about your financial status with your partner before walking down the aisle. Many marriages are breaking up because of money issues. The earlier you know about your partners finances the better. It will also be good to know each other's habits with money.


Put clear your religion when you are still in a relationship with your partner. Couples from the same religion have high chances of maintaining the relationship. Being of same religion makes you have the same value and belief system. However, you can still marry someone from a different religion and live happily. The best thing is to know each other’s religion in advance.


As partners don’t assume that you all want children. There some people who don’t want to have children in their lives. So the earlier you know your partner’s stand concerning children the better. With the current economic and life hardship around the country, there is need to talk about the number of children you need to have.

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