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3 interesting things about Nicholas Biwott you never knew

Metet Ambrose
The late Nicholas Biwott at a past event. [Photo/]

The late Nicholas Biwott was born in 1940 and died in 2017 aged 77 years.

The former powerful minister in the retired President Daniel Moi's regime was known for many interesting things but look at these three below;

He never possessed a mobile phone

Biwott was popularly known as ‘total man’ never owned a mobile phone. 

Sources who were close to him revealed that whenever he wanted to make a call, he would buy a sim card which he will then borrow a phone from his personal assistant William Chepkut, now Ainabkoi MP,

 and some cases any other close associate and discard the sim card after making a call.

His other nickname was the ‘Bull of Auckland’

It was on November 15th, 1995 when the current Siaya Senator James Orengo while asking why GG Kariuki was being allowed to speak from the dispatch box coined the nickname 'The Bull of Auckland'.

While in Auckland, New Zealand on official duties, the

late Biwott had either indecently exposed himself to or actually tried to rape a housekeeper who came in to clean his room after which the minister was said to have been 'deported'.

Among richest Kenyans

Though Biwott's wealth was never revealed, he made the list of richest Kenyans. 


was linked

to most of the


properties across the country like Barsirim Investment

, Kipsinende


, Rono


, National

Milling Corporation

, Yaya

Centre, HZ

Group of Companies among others.

He was once ranked the 14th wealthiest person in Kenya by the Constative portal.


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